DHCS Important Update: What Your Facility Needs To Do
Date: March 17, 2021
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Into Action Consulting is always staying up to date with the latest news from the DHCS. On February 1st, 2021, the DHCS released a Behavioral Health Notice: 21-001. With the release of this notice came SB 823. SB 823 enacted California Health and Safety Code Section 11834.015, requiring DHCS to adopt the ASAM treatment criteria or an equivalent evidence-based standard as the minimum standard of care for all licensed AOD facilities. By passing this bill all DHCS SUD licensed  detox and residential facilities must submit an DHCS LOC Designation Application by no later that August 31, 2021.

Required Supporting Documentation for Application

In addition to the DHCS LOC Designation Application (DHCS 4022), licensed AOD facilities shall submit the following supporting documentation to DHCS: 

  • Facility Staffing Data (DHCS 5050), including all facility staff providing direct client services and/or overseeing the program 
  • Detailed Monthly Program Staff Schedule 
  • Weekly Activities Schedule (DHCS 5086
  • Detailed Weekly Program Activities Schedule
  • Program’s Level of Care Assessment for Residents

DHCS LOC Designation Application and Review Process

DHCS will review the DHCS LOC Designation Application and related documentation according to the following guidelines and timeline:

  • DHCS will review the documents, determine compliance, and notify the AOD facility whether the application is complete or incomplete. Notification of an incomplete application shall specify the missing information and/or documentation. 
  • The AOD facility shall have 60 calendar days from the date of the notification of an incomplete application to submit the missing information and/or documentation. 
  • If the application has been determined to be complete and in accordance with submission requirements, DHCS shall issue a revised license reflecting a DHCS Provisional LOC Designation(s). 
  • All DHCS LOC Designation(s) shall remain provisional until DHCS has completed an on-site or virtual compliance review of the AOD facility. 
  • The compliance review will validate the ability of the AOD facility to comply with the requirements specified in this IN. DHCS may interview clients and/or program staff in private and inspect relevant program records. At the completion of the compliance review, DHCS may conduct an exit interview with the program director or his/her designee to discuss any deficiencies noted. DHCS shall provide a written license report specifying deficiencies to the program director or his/her designee by mail within 10 working days of the completion of the compliance review. The report shall require the AOD facility to correct deficiencies and submit a written verification to DHCS within 30 calendar days of the date of the license report unless DHCS determines, based on the review, that the deficiency jeopardizes the health and safety of clients and requires correction within a shorter period of time. Once deficiencies are corrected, DHCS shall Behavioral Health Information Notice No.: 21-001 Page 5 February 1, 2021 notify the AOD facility of the approval of the written verification in writing by first class mail. DHCS shall issue a revised license reflecting the removal of the provisional status.
  • The DHCS website will be updated to reflect each licensed AOD facility’s DHCS LOC Designation(s). 

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