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Date: January 10, 2019
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Addiction and alcoholism is a world-wide epidemic with about 240 million people around the world dependent on alcohol, more than a billion people smoke, and about 15 million people use injection drugs, such as heroin. (


So it stands to reason that with the drug use rate growing that the need for drug rehabilitation centers is growing rapidly.


Looking to start-up your own drug rehabilitation facility? We are here to help.


Honestly, it doesn’t matter whether you are new to the addiction treatment industry or a seasoned veteran. We offer many different services to assist everyone.


We have more than 20 years of experience in the healthcare and addiction treatment industry and a passion for helping others. We want to educate organizations and support the goals of drug rehabilitation centers in an effort to make a true difference in the world. We offer different services through our experienced professionals who have a background in clinical, medical healthcare and administrative practices. We can help you with state and national accreditation and licensing, insurance policies, business licenses
and/or permits, business plans, non-disclosure agreements, employee standards, and must more.


We will start off the process by showing you a list of our services and explain each one in great detail to make sure that opening a rehabilitation center is the direction you would like to go. It can be overwhelming but that is why we are here.


Here’s a quick snapshot of our services.


Our services include Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) Licensing and Certification, The Joint Commission (TJC) accreditation, Incidental Medical Services (IMS) certification, Mental Health Facility Licensing, Billing, In-Service Training Software, and Human Resource Management. Through our years of experience, we have a 100% success rate in TJC and DHCS Licensing/Accreditation, and significantly improved all facilities daily operations. All of this is important to be both successful and legal in the addiction and mental health treatment industry. It protects a client’s safety and ensures quality care of all clients being treated within a facility. Our services can get your facility licensed quickly and ethically. This includes a fire safety inspection, a zoning clearance and a final site survey. If you need to register your business with the Secretary of State or acquire a business license, we can help with that too.


The Joint Commission Accreditation (TJC) which is different than a state license allows your facility to accept many more private insurance policies and improves client care by improving clinical and administrative processes. It also reduces the risk of an error while generating more revenue.


Our TJC accreditation service will:


  • Reduce liability insurance costs
  • Offers education to improve different business operations
  • Offers professional advice in both clinical and administrative services
  • Maintains a competitive edge in the marketplace
  • Offers practical tools for strengthening performance improvement
  • Offers a customized review of each healthcare workplace
  • Increases staff competency and development
  • Train staff in various accreditation requirements such as medication management, national patient safety goals and infection control


The Joint Commission accredits about 21,000 health care programs and organizations across the United States. It is recognized as a symbol of quality that shows a commitment to meeting increased performance standards. TJC not only improves risk management and risk reduction, it also illustrates improvement strategies to show health care organizations where they can grow, where they can improve on safety measures and their quality of care.


For a drug rehabilitation center that wants to achieve Joint Commission accreditation, the facility must be inspected and evaluated (surveyed) by a site surveyor. Many accreditation requirements have to be met by the time of your scheduled site survey. Into Action Consulting can train your staff on these accreditation requirements and implement them effectively.  The initial survey is always scheduled but there will be future surveys that are unannounced.


A survey consists of:


  • A facility tour
  • A leadership session
  • An evaluation of all handbooks, policies and procedures
  • An evaluation of an organization’s performance of its processes and functions
  • A record review of the care that has been delivered to clients (individual tracers)
  • A review of all the documentation that has been received from the organization
  • Observing the clients
  • Observing and interviewing the staff
  • A written summary of the survey’s findings


Having an accreditation helps an organization gain more recognition because the organization is showing that they have taken the time to reach the standard of excellence that their clients and staff deserve.


With every substance abuse facility, there is a need for program development and we can help to set one up for you. There are many requirements, protocols and elements such as staffing, budget preparation, human resource management, emergency action planning etc., that go into setting up a facility and our professionals can help to iron out the details and find something that works best for your facility.  We will guide you through the steps of interviewing, staff recruiting, selecting staff members and finally,
training. We will discuss compensation for staff members including healthcare professionals, addiction treatment counselors, therapists, medical directors etc. The staff will be a center point for the entire facility and we want to help you choose the best.


Our Operations Manual and Policy & Procedures service will show you everything that you need to know and do when it comes to your rehabilitation center. This will state different regulations that the DHCS and the TJC have set up and the detox/treatment protocols that must be followed. We can also help create a business plan and proforma. Our team of professionals can help you to create a business model, organize your objectives, your goals and all the milestones that you would like to complete. We can help you create a budget and revenue projections all within our pro forma service.


Drug rehabilitation centers run more effectively with a toxicology lab because it allows for labs to come back quickly verses waiting for days. These labs must be licensed, and we can help you achieve both. Not only can we build you a lab, but we can also make sure it’s licensed legally and ethically. This is much more effective than waiting around for drug results and waiting on shipping though snail mail. It also saves money because you won’t have to send off for results.


Every drug rehabilitation facility needs a compliance director and we can be yours. Keeping your facility in compliance is important for successfully treating clients and running a well-developed business. Opening a drug rehabilitation center can come with so many rules and regulations that it can be hard to keep up with them all. We can help by completing a thorough checklist that shows every step you make is within compliance with state and federal laws.  Staying within the compliance perimeters means less worry when a supervising agency arrives unannounced to conduct a license or accreditation compliance visit.


Our Resource Coordination service is perfect for owners who are trying to complete their business model by coordinating their ancillary services and 3rd party vendors. We offer a large network of trustworthy companies and professionals that will be helping in operation of your facility.


There are many different protocols and requirements set by the DHCS and TJC when it comes to staff participating in annual related training. This can be as often as 52 hours a year. We offer in-service staffing training and CEU’s so that you do not have to worry about it. We will simply work the staff training around your schedule. We are equipped with an online learning management program with up to 400 industry specific courses and over 200 office skills classes. We provide everything that is needed for training your staff.


Our Human Resources and Personnel Management service will help you with day-to-day tasks and human resource-related questions as well as regular administrative duties. Our services work to carry the load for you. This includes staffing,performance management, organization development, and time management, compensation and benefits, etc.


If you are looking to start a facility from the ground up, we have you covered. We are experts at creating treatment facilities at all levels of care detoxification to residential treatment, day treatment (PHP) programs to intensive outpatient (IOP). All these factors come with dozens of different details and we can make it much easier to understand and navigate through with our start-up service.


Opening a drug rehabilitation center should be about the joy of helping clients and watching them heal so leave all the administrative details, procedures and regulations to us. We’ve got you covered.


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M. Craig Jewett
– President


Into Action Consulting, Inc.


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